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Award-winning journalist, researcher and community organiser


I’ve been a journalist for more than 25 years and have worked in all the UK’s major broadcast newsrooms. As a fully multi-skilled journalist, I’ve done pretty much every newsroom job – from directing and vision mixing bulletins, to shooting and editing films for network news, to programme editing on a 24-hour news channel. I’m also a CAA licensed drone operator.

That’s given me a huge range of editorial and technical skills which have informed the work I’ve done on reimagining journalism and news storytelling, to ensure that it’s truly fit for the future.

For the last eight years, I’ve been a freelance journalist, based in Wales, focusing on investigations. Over the last three years I’ve been carrying out research into innovative forms of news storytelling, funded by the Clwstwr programme and Media Cymru. In parallel, I spent three years working as a Community Organiser at The Bureau of Investigative Journalism on its Bureau Local and People’s Newsroom projects..


I’ve produced a range of investigations which have made headlines across the world. From the radicalisation of young people by the far right, to the over-prescription of anti-depressants to children, my stories have had global impact and sparked real-world change. My award-winning work uncovering the British Steel Pensions Scandal led to a parliamentary inquiry and a ban on pensions cold-calling.

In my work at The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, I led on its Decolonising the News project, industry and community collaborations and on the delivery of the People’s Newsroom Initiative.

My research on “Reflective” and “Modular” Journalism has had global impact in newsrooms, including being adopted by BBC News, The Times of India, and The Financial Times. I’ve presented my work at the Reuters Institute, the World Association of News Publishers, for the European Journalism Centre and many others.

As well as being a Member of BAFTA and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, I’m a member of the Welsh Government’s Working Group on Public Interest Journalism and Expert Panel on the Devolution of Broadcasting & Communications. I am also the founder of Inclusive Journalism Cymru, a network aimed at fostering and supporting a more inclusive journalism sector.



How I can help


I’m an experienced speaker and deliver talks and seminars for a range of organisations with global audiences. Previous events include presentations at The Reuters Institute for Journalism Studies, the World Editors’ Forum and the European Journalism Centre.

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I research, speak and write about a wide range of the key questions facing journalism. I’m currently working on new forms of storytelling and news products driven by AI and machine learning.

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Drawing on more than 25 years experience across the industry, I offer a wide range of training and teaching across journalism skills, innovation, inclusion and engagement.

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Wide-ranging experience across news journalism

Over more than 25 years in journalism, I’ve worked for every major broadcast newsroom in the UK, and as a trainer and consultant for a wide range of clients in the broadcast technology market. I now focus on research, development and consultancy work but am also proud to work as a community organiser, in the Bureau Local team at The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.


“Shirish is one of the few people in this industry who not only understands the key issues we face around inclusion and representation, but has solutions.”

Adam Thomas  //  Director, European Journalism Centre


“Shirish is smart, straight-talking and compassionate, and I am always interested in what he has to say.”

Jonathan Heawood  //   Executive Director, Public Interest News Foundation


“Shirish is an extraordinarily passionate journalist and a captivating speaker, whose profound knowledge of the subject, combined with his warm nature, make him a well-rounded and sought-after professional.”

Marcela Kunova  //  Editor,


“Shirish is a thought provoking, original speaker, who has carried out ground breaking research on storytelling, diversity and the emotional cost of reporting.”

Meera Selva  //  Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism


“Every so often, a refreshing voice pops up with ideas on how to make journalism more relevant. Shirish is one such voice. He approaches the challenge from the audience perspective and makes such good sense that he demands attention.”

Cherilyn Ireton  //  Director, World Editors’ Forum


“One of the most comprehensive and precise critiques of the current media landscape that I’ve heard – I was shouting ‘YES!’ at every turn.”

John Burn-Murdoch  //  Financial Times


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