Creative Crossroads: Well-being and Sustainability in the Creative Industries

The growth and vitality of the creative industries in Wales has led Welsh Government to identify them as one of three priority sectors for growth, with success stories in the film and gaming industries hailed as evidence of a thriving Welsh creativity.

But while ‘Made in Wales’ projects of major scale have been significant contributors to the economy, persisting issues impact the sector. Precarity, with an overreliance on funding, demanding working conditions and temporary contracts, still affects a large portion of its freelance workforce. Sustainability rears its head as another challenge for the sector, as the imperatives of net zero have led the creative industries to find innovative solutions to reduce carbon footprint.

This event will be an opportunity for policymakers, employers, freelancers and practitioners to crowdsource solutions to the shared challenges of well-being and sustainability in the creative industries. The discussions will aim to celebrate innovations native to the sector, and highlight success stories that might yield transferable and transformative benefits in other areas.

I’ll be chairing a panel discussion entitled “Well-being, Workers and the creative economy” at this Institute of Welsh Affairs event.

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