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I’m an experienced speaker, and deliver keynote talks, seminars and workshops for organisations with global audiences. Previous events include talks at The Reuters Institute for Journalism Studies, the World Editors’ Forum, the Public Interest News Foundation and the European Journalism Centre.


I chair and host numerous panels and events, with high-profile guests and large global audiences. Drawing on my counselling and facilitation training, I bring an inclusive, collaborative and thoughtful approach to hosting conversations.


I have spoken and taught at a number of universities, sharing insights on journalism, innovation and storytelling. Drawing on broad experience across a range of journalistic skills, I also help students understand what the industry will look like in the future.


“Shirish is smart, straight-talking and compassionate, and I am always interested in what he has to say.”

Jonathan Heawood  //   Executive Director, Public Interest News Foundation


“Shirish is one of the few people in this industry who not only understands the key issues we face around inclusion and representation, but has solutions.”

Adam Thomas  //  Director, European Journalism Centre


“Shirish is an extraordinarily passionate journalist and a captivating speaker, whose profound knowledge of the subject, combined with his warm nature, make him a well-rounded and sought-after professional.”

Marcela Kunova  //  Editor,


“Every so often, a refreshing voice pops up with ideas on how to make journalism more relevant. Shirish is one such voice. He approaches the challenge from the audience perspective and makes such good sense that he demands attention.”

Cherilyn Ireton  //  Director, World Editors’ Forum


“Shirish is a thought provoking, original speaker, who has carried out ground breaking research on storytelling, diversity and the emotional cost of reporting.”

Meera Selva  //  Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism


“One of the most comprehensive and precise critiques of the current media landscape that I’ve heard – I was shouting ‘YES!’ at every turn.”

John Burn-Murdoch  //  Financial Times


Talks & Seminars

Catch up on my seminars and workshops here, or register for one of the events I have coming up.

Tbilisi  •  21/06/2024

Zeg Storytelling Festival – Tbilisi

I’ll be speaking at the Zeg Storytelling Festival in Tbilisi, Georgia

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National Museum of Wales, Cardiff  •  09/02/2024

Artes Mundi: AM10 Lates

I’ll be taking part in a discussion celebrating Cardiff as a City of Sanctuary – highlighting the talents of artists and creatives who call Cardiff home

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Wales Millennium Centre  •  07/11/2023

Creative Crossroads: Well-being and Sustainability in the Creative Industries

I’ll be chairing a panel discussion entitled “Well-being, Workers and the creative economy” at this Institute of Welsh Affairs event.

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Service Design Days, Cardiff  •  24/10/2023

Why should I care? – Driving civic engagement through the power of design

Exploring the role of design in enabling people to shape their communities, government and society at large

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FIPP World Media Congress  •  06/06/2023

Why Inclusion Drives Innovation

I spoke at the FIPP World Media Congress in Cascais, Portugal, about how and why inclusion drives innovation

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Hay Festival  •  02/06/2023

Recounting the Cost of Living

I spoke about the process behind the National Theatre Wales production, “The Cost of Living” at the Hay Festival.

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IPI World Congress – Vienna  •  25/05/2023

Walking in the shoes of others

I spoke on a panel at the International Press Institute World Congress and Media Innovation Festival

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Newsrewired  •  23/05/2023

Solutions to news avoidance

I spoke on a panel at the Newsrewired conference in London, looking at solutions to news avoidance

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International Journalism Festival – Perugia  •  22/04/2023

New storytelling formats for decolonised journalism

I moderated a panel entitled, “New storytelling formats for decolonised journalism: when innovation and inclusion come together”

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International Journalism Festival – Perugia  •  21/04/2023

Future-oriented newsrooms

I spoke on a panel titled “Future-oriented newsrooms: Who, When, How?”

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Media Democracy Festival  •  02/03/2023

The Personal & Political – Journalism from a point of view

I’ll be speaking with Hamza Syed, co-host of The Trojan Horse Affair, about journalism, truth and objectivity.

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Institute of Welsh Affairs  •  17/11/2022

Citizens’ Voices, People’s News: Making the Media Work for Wales

I gave a keynote and appeared on a panel at this IWA event on how the Welsh media might serve people better.

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Audiodays, Denmark  •  28/10/2022

News for All: Telling Inclusive Stories

I spoke about how we inspire trust, build inclusion and engage young audiences.

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Guldörat 22, Stockholm  •  20/10/2022

How Inclusion Drives Innovation

I spoke at Guldörat in Stockholm, on how inclusion drives innovation and excellence.

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Beyond Conference, Cardiff  •  18/10/2022

Beyond World Building

I hosted a conversation about the World Building behind GALWAD.

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iMEdD A Matter of Trust, Athens  •  06/10/2022

Do we still need journalism?

I spoke at the iMEdD’s International Journalism Week.

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World News Media Congress, Zaragoza  •  28/09/2022

Can We Win Over Journalism’s Critics?

I spoke on a panel at the World News Media Congress in Zaragoza.

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ClwstwrVerse Cardiff  •  04/07/2022

Reimagining Journalism

We discussed how we reimagine journalism to be more effective, engaging and inclusive.

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BBC Radio 4 / BBC News Channel  •  29/06/2022

The Media Show

Appearance on The Media Show in a discussion about the lack of transparency in public authorities.

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Media City Bergen Future Week  •  08/06/2022


I was privileged to host MCB FACT – a global conference on the fight against disinformation.

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RadioDays Europe Malmö  •  16/05/2022

The 7 Building Blocks of Reflective Journalism

I spoke at RadioDays Europe in Malmö, about the 7 Building Blocks of Reflective Journalism.

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GALWAD  •  25/04/2022

Host: Building Worlds

I hosted a series of conversations led by the Welsh creatives behind the making of GALWAD.

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International Journalism Festival – Perugia  •  06/04/2022

International Journalism Festival

I spoke on 3 panels – on Impact, Infrastructure and ‘Decolonisation’ – at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia.

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Book-ish Crickhowell  •  30/03/2022

Host: An evening with Ben Rawlence

I hosted an event and “in-conversation” with Ben Rawlence, author of “The Treeline”.

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UnWined: Technology in Journalism  •  25/03/2022

Storytelling through Modular Journalism

I spoke about how modular journalism can open up new alternatives for storytelling.

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Media Democracy Festival 2022  •  23/03/2022

Creating a ‘Media Commons’

I spoke on a panel looking at the possibilities for creating a ‘Media Commons’.

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JournalismAI Festival  •  29/11/2021

Smaller than articles: defining, extracting, creating and composing the building blocks of modular journalism

I moderated a session featuring work from the JournalismAI Collab Challenge, on which I was also a coach.

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Media City Bergen Future Week  •  29/09/2021

Technology and journalism – the future of storytelling

I spoke at Media City Bergen’s Future Week, giving a keynote talk entitled “Journalism is for Citizens, not for Journalists”.

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Future of Journalism Conference 2021  •  22/09/2021

New ways of telling news stories

Alongside fellow Clwstwr cohort members, I presented insights from my research on innovative ways to tell more effective and more inclusive stories.

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The Bureau of Investigative Journalism  •  09/09/2021

The People’s Newsroom Initiative

I hosted and moderated the launch event for the Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s People’s Newsroom Initiative – a project to build community power through journalism.

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Membership Puzzle Project Summit  •  06/08/2021

Maintaining Engagement Beyond The Crisis

I moderated a panel on “Maintaining engagement beyond the crisis” at the Membership Puzzle Project Summit 2021.

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Public Interest News Foundation  •  08/07/2021

Launch Event: Index of Independent News Publishing

I was a guest speaker at the launch of the Public Interest News Foundation’s Index of Independent News Publishing 2021.

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ABSW Summer School  •  08/07/2021

Including diverse voices in science journalism

I was a speaker at the Association of British Science Writers’ Science Journalism Summer School, about my work on Decolonising the News and how we might include more diverse voices in science journalism.

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Mix 2021 Amplified Publishing   •  05/07/2021

Re-shaping Storytelling For Inclusion

This panel explored underrepresented aspects of inclusion in storytelling; trauma-informed working, visual thinking and how we formulate news storytelling as a whole.

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Institute of Welsh Affairs  •  01/07/2021

Beyond the BBC: Reimagining Public Service Media in Wales

This event was part of ‘The BBC and Beyond’, a campaign which aims to reimagine public media for the digital age. The event focused on what a reformed public service media landscape within Wales could look like.

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European Federation of Journalists  •  21/05/2021

Reporting on Muslims & Islam

I spoke as part of a series of EFJ webinars on improving media reporting on Muslims & Islam. It focused on how journalists can push for more ethical reporting practices in newsrooms.

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Digital Editors Network  •  29/04/2021

Products & Wellbeing

I spoke at the Digital Editors Network Spring Meeting about how we better engage and reflect our diverse audiences through our products, and how we can play a significant role in the wellbeing of staff and audiences.

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News Product Alliance Summit  •  31/03/2021

Product: The 7 Building Blocks of Reflective Journalism

I presented a session on how we might build news products that embody the 7 Building Blocks of Reflective Journalism.

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European Federation of Journalists  •  25/03/2021

Trust in Media

I appeared on an EFJ panel discussing “How to regain trust and improve audience engagement”. That was followed by deep-dive conversations where explored these issues in more detail.

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Clwstwr / Media City Bergen  •  16/03/2021

Innovation in News and Democracy

I was one of the speakers at the launch of an exciting partnership between Clwstwr and Media City Bergen. The event focused on innovation in news and democracy.

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NUJ Cardiff  •  09/03/2021

Meet the Expert: 7 Building Blocks of Reflective Journalism

Drawing on my work around news storytelling, community engagement and representation, I outlined a framework from which to build change.

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Reuters Institute  •  28/10/2020

The 7 Building Blocks of Reflective Journalism

As part of the Reuters Institute’s Global Journalism Seminar series, I spoke about my 7 Building Blocks of Reflective Journalism.

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World Association of News Publishers  •  23/11/2020

Science in the Newsroom Global Summit

I talked about how newsrooms can skill up to ensure their coverage of science and medicine is accurate and valuable for the citizens they serve.

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Beyond Conference  •  03/12/2020

Towards an Inclusive News Sector

I spoke on a panel discussing how we can build a more inclusive news industry that supports journalists and audiences.

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Bureau Local  •  04/12/2020

Is Work Working?

I hosted the launch of Bureau Local’s “Is Work Working?” project looking at the rise of insecure and precarious work.

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Public Interest News Foundation  •  24/11/2020

Trust in Journalism Conference

I spoke on a panel discussing “How plural is the independent news sector – really?”. We talked about the lack of diversity in the news industry and the need for change.

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Society of Editors  •  10/11/2020

Mental Health in the Newsroom

As part of the Society of Editors’ Conference, I spoke on a panel about mental health in newsrooms. With the team at Elemental Health, we also produced a mental health resource pack.

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EJC News Impact Summit  •  06/10/2020

Innovative Storytelling: Audience First

I ran a workshop at the European Journalism Centre’s News Impact Summit, which was dedicated to finding ways for journalists to build a closer relationship with their readers and viewers.

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The Bureau of Investigative Journalism  •  03/09/2020

Decolonising News

I hosted the Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s online event, Decolonising News: Confronting Journalism’s Role in Systemic Racism.

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news:rewired Conference  •  01/07/2020

Engagement through Storytelling

Drawing on my Clwstwr research and community organising principles, I led a workshop on “Engagement through Storytelling”

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Bureau Local  •  07/05/2020

Open Newsroom: Climate Change

I hosted a Bureau Local on climate change, the impact it’s having on local communities and how we should be reporting it.

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