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Learn more about building better journalism, with bespoke workshops and seminars


Workshop topics

Drawing on more than 25 years experience across the industry, I offer a wide range of training in core journalism skills, innovation, inclusion and engagement.


Find out how your newsroom or organisation can use new forms of storytelling to better engage and inform your audiences.

Newsroom AI

Learn how to incorporate new AI, machine learning and natural language generation tools into your newsroom workflow.


Keep up to date with the latest developments in news products, research & development, and new ways of engaging with citizens.


Open up conversations about the meaning of inclusion and representation, how it can help rebuild trust and why it will make your journalism better.

Mental Health

Learn how to create a mentally healthy newsroom which understands and supports staff and contributors, and is genuinely inclusive.

Engaged Journalism

Find out about building relationships with communities, and creating more inclusive journalism with, and for, citizens


“Shirish is a thought provoking, original speaker, who has carried out ground breaking research on storytelling, diversity and the emotional cost of reporting.”

Meera Selva  //  Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism


“Shirish is an extraordinarily passionate journalist and a captivating speaker, whose profound knowledge of the subject, combined with his warm nature, make him a well-rounded and sought-after professional.”

Marcela Kunova  //  Editor,


“One of the most comprehensive and precise critiques of the current media landscape that I’ve heard – I was shouting ‘YES!’ at every turn.”

John Burn-Murdoch  //  Financial Times


“Shirish is smart, straight-talking and compassionate, and I am always interested in what he has to say.”

Jonathan Heawood  //   Executive Director, Public Interest News Foundation


“Every so often, a refreshing voice pops up with ideas on how to make journalism more relevant. Shirish is one such voice. He approaches the challenge from the audience perspective and makes such good sense that he demands attention.”

Cherilyn Ireton  //  Director, World Editors’ Forum


“Shirish is one of the few people in this industry who not only understands the key issues we face around inclusion and representation, but has solutions.”

Adam Thomas  //  Director, European Journalism Centre

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