Science in the Newsroom Global Summit

The aims of this Science in the Newsroom Conference were to:

  • explore expert views on future public health crises,
  • showcase best practice journalism that has emerged in 2020
  • give ideas on how to elevate your coverage so that you are recognised as a credible provider of science news, and
  • suggest how to develop specialist skills in your newsroom.

Speaking on a panel entitled: “Innovative Storytelling: Data, tools and techniques for impactful, memorable journalism”, I talked about how new storytelling and community engagement techniques can help newsrooms better connect with citizens and build trust.

Other guests on the panel included:

  • John Burn-Murdoch, Financial Times
  • Alet Law, News 24, South Africa
  • Josephine Ma, South China Morning Post

I also contributed to the newsroom guide: Journalism in the Age of Pandemics

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