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Policy Brief – New Ways of Storytelling

We’ve published a Clwstwr Policy Brief that rounds up the findings of my news storytelling research.

We found that by focusing on content that is genuinely useful to readers and viewers, using linear narratives, providing broader context, and giving users more agency in how they engage with stories, it’s clearly possible to provide news which is trusted, informative and engages audiences from all demographics.

The journalism industry is facing a number of interlocking existential challenges which need radical responses. Our storytelling research provides clear evidence that changing the journalistic mindset, to focus more clearly on the information needs of citizens, can have dramatic effects.

By reconnecting with the fundamental purpose of journalism, and using the full range of digital tools available to us, it’s possible to produce news stories that are more informative, more engaging and more efficient. For journalists, newsrooms and – most importantly – citizens, that’s a big win.

You can download the Policy Brief here.

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