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The future isn’t a far away place, let’s start building it

I’ve written for the Institute of Welsh Affairs on the aims, methods and legacy of GALWAD, Wales’ project for Unboxed: Creativity in the UK.

When times are hard – economically, politically, emotionally – it can feel like a luxury to think about the future. Immediate needs must be met, holes must be plugged and just getting through the day in one piece feels like success.

Taking a step back though, history tells us that times get hard precisely because we don’t think about the future enough. Political and economic short-termism mean we’ve consistently failed to build a vision for the future that helps guide our actions towards just and sustainable outcomes.

The future isn’t a far away place. The future is here. It starts this second, this minute, this hour.  If we don’t imagine the future we want, we can’t possibly know how to get there. We should be thinking about the future more when times are hard, not less.

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Photo: World Builders at the Centre for Alternative Technology, by Mo Hassan

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