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Article in Journalism Practice – “Innovating Online Journalism: New Ways of Storytelling”

The findings of my Clwstwr research into new ways of telling news stories in more effective, inclusive and engaging ways are now available as an open access article in the journal, Journalism Practice. Thanks to my co-authors Marlen Komorowski, Richard Thomas and Justin Lewis, without whom this simply wouldn’t have been possible.

The article highlights the principles behind my 7 Building Blocks of Reflective Journalism and critiques journalism’s reliance on the inverted pyramid storytelling structure.

In a study of over 1300 people, we found that readers significantly preferred the new storytelling formats and approaches we created, particularly favouring linear stories which simply start at the beginning and finish at the end. That makes sense, because those are exactly the kind of stories that we have grown up with and that have been so important in human evolution.

I’ve spoken about this work at conferences and in newsrooms across the world, including at The Reuters Institute, The World Editors’ Forum and the Future of Journalism Conference. Do get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

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